Home Automation

Home Automation is a way of controlling most domestic appliances and lighting within your living area. With some innovative thinking it can make your home come alive at the touch of a button.

Since been seen as a lazy way to turn your lights on and off, technology has come a long way. Home Easy is now an 'Energy Saving Concept’ controlling the flow of electricity around the home. For example, on walking out your front door or going to bed at night, turn all your sockets off at the touch of one button, then when you arrive home or wake up turn them all back on again!

Everyone has 'Hard To Reach Sockets', under beds, behind cupboards or sideboards. Normally next to a bed or on a sideboard would be a lamp, and access to the plug is very difficult. With home automation you can control the lamp by remote control, primarily switching the lamp on and off, but you can also dim the bulb on any standard lamp with our Home Easy ‘Dimmable Range’.

Whilst you are away on Holiday, Home Automation gives you 'Added Security'. Using a timer remote control or our ‘Ultimate Range’ SMS basestation you can have your lights come on and go off at specific times during the week giving the impression that your home is occupied. With the SMS Basestation you can send a command from anywhere in the world and activate your home automation. Our 'Outdoor Range' can also be timed to go on and off, or triggered by movement sensors.

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