cctv system design

AlNaham has a track record in identifying requirements for CCTV system design as part of our developed security strategy, and in the design, specifying, management and commissioning of these solutions.

Our objective is to ensure that our clients benefit from appropriate and cost effective cutting-edge CCTV security system solutions. We strive to ensure that the correct solutions are implemented in order to fulfil the individual needs of a project.

From initial acknowledgement of the need for a CCTV system, we develop ‘operational requirements’ (ORs), that allow clients a top down view of what is required from the outset in terms of operational stance, employer and stakeholder needs, technology performance criteria and mapping onto a client's estate etc

Once the ORs have been established and agreed, we develop them into an engineered solution that is mapped on to the client's asset. Beyond this work we develop engineering specifications, layout drawings and schematic diagrams, that allow the solution to be procured and then project managed through to witness testing and handing over to the client as an operational system.

Post completion of this work, we believe that regular system auditing brings real benefits in terms of meeting the business security needs and operational stance. We are able to offer this ‘end to end’ service if requested.

Through our involvement with bodies such as 'the Association of Security Consultants' and the British Standard for CCTV we remain at the forefront of security technology and best practice. In addition to the CCTV system design, our team can also provide a number of associated security engineering services from concept and detailed design, through to tender specification and assurance, including:

• Intelligent vision systems: automatic number plate recognition systems (ANPR), behavioural analysis

• Security control rooms

• Command and control strategy

• Integrated solutions i.e. AACS, IDS, asset tracking systems etc

• Policy and procedure production.

Our work on large scale public and private solutions allows us to tailor requirements to meet a specific set of client needs, and to date we have delivered many successful projects.